1946. It is a starting point of Alttrans’ predecessor – electromechanical workshop. The year, when this workshop started to repair electrical generators and produce metal constructions of electric transmission line.

1959. In July the electromechanical workshop was transferred for the account of the main industrial enterprises belonging to the Head Department of Rural Electrification of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian SFSR that played an important role in the development of the workshop. And on 26 November according to the order of the Ministry of Agriculture, the electromechanical repair workshop was reorganized into Altai (Barnaul – thereafter) electromechanical plant that was given a part of territory and equipment from an abolished suburban machine-tractor station by the local government. The plant was specialized in repair of electrical generators and transformers and modification of tractors turning them into bulldozers.

1962. The Altai electromechanical plant started to develop a serial production of power transformers with aluminum winding to accomplish a task order of the Ministry. The transformers were manufactured according to the drawings of the leading enterprises at that moment and, generally, they were taken from the Minsk transformer plant.

1985. In the USSR, the period of Perestroika (restructuring) started. In fact, the Barnaul electromechanical plant under the Power and Electrification Ministry of the USSR worked as a reserve enterprise. If there was a failure of production output, our plant was assigned to fill the shortfall. However the plant kept manufacturing the transformers conforming to the standards of 60’s.

1987. The election was held at the plant related to the appointment of the director. Alexander Karlov became the first elected director in the Altai region.

1989. The enterprise was provided funds to design a new line of the transformers. The All-union transformer construction institute carried out these design works. As a result, the Barnaul electromechanical plant obtained an up-to-date production range with improved characteristics of losses. The enterprise was transferred an equipment for production of the transformers with power of 25 and 40 kVA from the Saint-Petersburg abolished transformer plant that allowed to extend a production range as well.

1992. The Barnaul electromechanical plant was reorganized and renamed into «Alttrans» joint stock company. A stable technical re-equipment of the plant began.

1998. The plant launched a production of small pole-mounted package transformer substations up to 100 kVA. Then «Alttrans» mastered a production of box-type package transformer substations. The «Surgutneftegaz» company was the first costumer of such substations. Eventually the plant started to deliver its products to the companies such as «Gazprom Neft» and «Lukoil Oil Company». In the early years of transformer substations’ production, «Alttrans» manufactured up to 80 transformer substations per month.

2002. The plant mastered a new production range of oil-type hermetically-sealed transformers for power supply of electrosubmersible pumps used in oil extraction. In the Post-Soviet space such equipment was manufactured only in Minsk (Belorussia). The «Surgutneftegaz» company was the first client of «Alttrans» in the oil sector. The production of our enterprise proved itself under severe conditions of the Russian north. Soon such companies as «Rosneft Oil Company», «TNK-BP Holding», «Lukoil Oil Company» and «Gazprom Neft» extended the list of Alttrans’ production consumers. «Alttrans» became a significant player on the market. Its production was marked with diplomas numerous times at the exhibitions of power, oil and gas industries.

2010. By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the plant became one of the three largest manufacturers of electric equipment for power distribution networks of 10kV voltage class in Russia and the CIS countries. «Alttrans» won numerous times the tenders for delivery of its products to the largest oil producing companies such as «Lukoil Oil Company», «Rosneft Oil Company», «TNK-BP Holding» and others. The production of «Alttrans» was delivered almost to the all Russian regions.

2011. The energy efficient transformers with a lower level of short-circuit and no-load losses were developed and introduced into serial production in «Alttrans».

2016. «Alttrans» was one of the first companies to start producing successfully the single-phase distribution transformers and single-phase pole-mounted transformer substations.

«Alttrans» was recognized as the winner of comparison tests of the oil-immersed distribution transformers among the three leading manufacturers on the market of the former CIS organized by JSC «Severo-Kuzbass energy company» (Kemerovo, Russia). Our enterprise left behind the Minsk Transformer Plant and «Electroshield» company (Samara, Russia).

2017. «Alttrans» received the certificate of conformity to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015.

The oil-immersed transformers and package transformer substations were accredited by such large companies as «Rosseti», «Rosneft Oil Company» and «Gazpromneft-Snabzhenie».

2019. Altai Transformer Plant is one of the leading companies with a stable and effective production in electric power industry. «Alttrans» applies advanced technology and innovative design solutions for development and modernization of our products. Our enterprise pays great attention to the instrumentation of production process with a high-quality technological equipment. «Alttrans» manufactures 800-850 transformers and 200-250 package transformer substations monthly. Our production has been delivered throughout the whole country – from Kaliningrad to Sahalin. Our customers are the large enterprises of power complex («Rosseti» and its subsidiary companies, «Bashkirenergo», «Kuzbass power network company» and others) and oil producing companies («Lukoil Oil Company», «Rosneft Oil Company», «Gazprom Neft», «Tatneft», «Surgutneftegaz» and others). Oil-immersed transformers and package transformer substations of Altai Transformer Plant are greatly valued in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan and Mongolia.

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